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Revised Operating Procedures at Bay House due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy - In line with many in the self-catering holiday industry, we have altered our Terms and Conditions in the light of the effects to our business of Covid-19. These revised terms and conditions take effect immediately and apply to all new and existing bookings at Bay House.  For our current Terms & Conditions please read this .PDF attachment


Revised 5th March 2021

5 March 2021 - Bay House Terms & Conditions .PDF


What we have changed:

While our housekeeping standards at Bay House have always been very high, we have implemented a new cleaning protocol in line with the latest Government, Public Health England and Health & Safety Executive guidance and recommendations (where available), and we will continue to update these in line with Government Guidance and any legislation.


Revised Check-in/ Check-out Times

Unfortunately, in order to comply with the above guidelines for changeovers between departing and arriving guests, we have no option but to advise you that check-in will be a little later than usual and check-out a little later. Check -in will be from 5pm and Check-out will be at 9am and these times replace those given in your original booking documents.. It is imperative that you adhere to these times as our housekeeping team will need every minute of this empty time to prepare their properties properly and safely. Failure to depart on time will, unfortunately, require us to make a deduction from your security deposit to allow for additional cleaners to be drafted in to make up time.

We understand that many of you will have had a long journey, so, you may stop by the property after 4pm. If there are no members of our team still working on the house and there is a sign on the front door welcoming you in, then you may enter the house and begin your long-awaited holiday early. Please understand, however, that this may not be the case on your arrival and you may need to wait until 5pm. On no account may guests enter or approach the house entrance if our Teams are still present and we cannot accept any items that you might request to drop off earlier. Do not order any on-line shopping to arrive before 5pm as, if we have been unable to allow you early access to the property, then the delivery will be turned away by our Teams.

We heartily apologise for all of the above inconveniences.

Cleaning Protocol

Our cleaning protocol within the house during changeovers will be to clean and then to disinfect all “high-contact areas “and items such as door handles, telephone, light switches. Our housekeeping team will implement a strict Cleaning Essentials Checklist during changeover. A copy of this can be made available to guests if requested in advance of their stay.


Mattress, duvet and pillow protectors will be laundered after every guest departure and our linens and towels will be washed at a higher temperature and with the addition of  disinfecting agents to the washes. Our mattresses will be encased in a mandatory waterproof membrane which, with the addition of the mattress protector on top, still feels pleasant to sleep on. This membrane MUST NOT be removed by guests during their stay.


We have had to reduce the items that we normally provide in our kitchen. We will ensure, however , that guests have a more than adequate supply of crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils etc. Following our risk assessment of the house, this is an area where we will have to rely on guest cooperation, common-sense and goodwill. Even with the best will in the world, we are unable to process every single kitchen item during our limited changeover hours. (But we will do as much as we can!). You may be happy to use the items as you find them in the cupboards, or you may prefer to clean items before you use them for the first time. We have also had to remove some of the nice touches we used to leave out for guests such as filled salt and pepper mills. Please don’t leave any S&P, oil etc behind when you leave- place in black bag general rubbish as we cannot leave for next guests to use.


We may not be permitted to leave additional toilet rolls as we have always done in the past, so you may wish to pack a few extras to bring with you.


Returning guest know that we have fabric sofas and cushions. The cushions will be rotated so that you will not have the same set as the guests who have just checked out. We will steam clean sofas during the changeover but it will not be possible to carry out any deeper cleaning than this. Please be aware that, due to the steam cleaning, the sofas might feel very slightly damp on arrival but will soon be completely dry.


You should take care when using the BBQ we provide and clean thoroughly before using. We are no longer able to provide BBQ tools so please pack your own.


Our housekeeping team will wear appropriate PPE when preparing the house.


Our waste removal company have also implemented a strict new protocol- details will be provided in your Information File on arrival.















Hand Washing and Sanitiser Provision


A hand sanitiser unit will be available just inside the house which we encourage our guests to use. Please do not allow children to play with this. In the unlikely event that this runs out during your stay, please contact Carefree Property Management for further supplies. Hand soap will be provided at every wash point and we encourage guests to follow Government guidelines for thorough and regular hand washing which is recommended to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Closure of Sauna


We very much regret that we are unable to open the sauna for guest’s use this season unless Government guidelines change.



Removal of Games Equipment in Games Room


Again, we regret having to empty our games room of all the lovely toys, puzzles and games that we normally provide. We will be able to leave the table football and the darts boards and, of course, Sky TV is still available in the Games Room as well as the lounge. Good news-we’ve added Sky Cinema to our package so you can still enjoy “Movie Night”! If it is important to you, you may wish to bring your own games etc for the family to enjoy.


Removal of Mini-Library


The mini library has had to be removed from the house. Please do not leave any unread books or leaflets when you vacate the property as we will have to dispose of them and this will add additional pressure on our housekeeping team.

Storage Shed and Chest inside Garage


This shed, in addition to all other locked cupboards in the garage, is out of bounds to guests.


On-line instruction manuals


We hope to have the instruction manuals for our major appliances viewable on our website. Will advise asap.


Information Folder


Each guest will receive a sealed envelope on their arrival which will contain the information that, in addition to this document, you should read on arrival at Bay House. Please dispose of this in the recycling before you leave as a fresh copy and pack will be left for each guest.


Preparing to travel to Bay House


PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL to Bay House if any of your party is experiencing g coronavirus symptoms or should be self-isolating due to exposure to the virus. Ring me immediately on 01483 472146 and we can make a plan.



What To Do On Arrival at Bay House


Your final confirmation documents will give instructions on how to self-access Bay House at the appropriate time.


On arrival we ask our guests to:


Use the hand-sanitiser provided inside the entrance.


Observe current Government social distancing guidelines within your party.


Open the windows in each room for a while as this will increase air flow and is recommended in the prevention of Covid-19. (We will be ventilating each room as part of our changeover routine).


Locate and read the envelope with our Information File and welcome pack enclosed.


Follow your own decisions regarding the rewashing of kitchen equipment.


Locate the Instruction Manual information on our website in case you need it.


Be mindful of areas that we may have cleaned but could have been touched by others since then. For example, front door handle, gate handles, bin lids, outdoor seating. Areas that are not secured within the house.


Please do then relax and enjoy your cream tea provided with our compliments!


What To Do If Any Member of Your Family Develops Covid-19 Symptoms While On Holiday at Bay House

On arrival at Bay House, there will be clear instructions as to what you must do if any of your party develop symptoms of Coronavirus. You MUST comply with these instructions.


What to do prior to your departure

Revised protocol does not allow our housekeeping teams to strip guests’ beds. A large black bag will be provided for each incoming guest. Please remove all of the linen from each bed and place in the bags provided. This includes the mattress protector (but NOT the lower mattress waterproof casing), duvet and pillow protectors. Bags must be tied after filling to avoid possible airborne particles being transferred to our Team.


Take all personal items, including windbreaks, sand toys etc with you when you leave. We cannot keep these for other guests to use any more and we would have to charge you to dispose of them if left behind.




No unwashed dishes to be left in the kitchen. Please help us by loading and starting the dishwasher on its hottest setting. This would be a HUGE help!


Be sure to follow all of the Check-out Procedures contained in your arrival Information file.


We regret that, if the above departure procedure are not followed, a deduction will be made from guests’ security deposit to cover the addition cleaning required.

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